Our Values

our purpose

Empowering driven minds

Construction is our business, but people are at our core. 

Our culture and approach to business is a direct reflection of this. The comradery we have at Willow Spring speaks to our values, which extends through to the relationships we build with clients, consultants, and trades.  

These values allow us to perform at our highest potential, and creates a partnership with the owner that is open and transparent.

our values

What We
Stand For

Autonomy and Trust

Because we’re employee owned, we empower our employees to deliver work as they see fit. We don’t impede progress with bureaucracy and we won’t accept solutions based on tradition when innovation proves superior.

Mutual Accountability

We’re team players. We believe there should be dialogue, interaction AND accountability amongst the entire team –  owner, consultants, and the construction team. We share in the success, challenges, and risk together.


We’re an open book. By sharing everything about your project – potential challenges, successes, opportunities, and innovative ideas – we ensure a seamless process and a successful project as a result.

Entrepreneurial Enthusiasm

We’re business owners just like you. All of us. As 100% employee owned, we think strategically like entrepreneurs. We innovate and challenge convention continually.

Integrity and Mutual Respect

We don’t just demonstrate integrity, we define it daily. We hold each other to the highest standards of professional and personal integrity. We are good to our word and demonstrate complete honesty at all times. We strive to treat everyone around us respectfully, not just at work but at home and in our communities.